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Gifting around the world...

Posted on 11 February 2015

Is there ever a time when you shouldn’t gift? I simply can’t think of one. For birthdays, special anniversaries and to celebrate landmark occasions, of course THE gift is an essential for the event. But please, don’t just take my word for it. If we delve into history, it becomes ever so apparent that gifts have been given for just about any and every occasion possible.


The opulent ancient civilisation of Egypt saw pharaohs dripping in gold and emerald, beautiful jewellery adorning every finger, wrist and ankle in sight. The majestic pyramids that still stand today were originally built to house treasures- gifts to the gods and to the deceased as he or she began their journey into the afterlife. Although gifting in such grand gestures is rather unheard of today (although who can be sure what Kanye surprises Kim with from time to time), the thoughts behind the treasures remain quite the same. Today, we wish luck, happiness, or congratulations to the special recipient whose gifts we come bearing. The ancient Egyptians had just the same thought in mind… though perhaps gold was easier to come by back then?

Different cultures, too, gift against the grain (our grain, that is), and it makes for a wildly inviting way for us to freshen up our own gifting technique. Valentine’s Day in Japan is divided into two separate events- one for the males and another for the females (TWO days to celebrate love, I’ll take it!) The traditional celebration of love on February 14th is the day for women to dote on their men. A gift of ‘honmei choco’ (chocolates for a lover) is given to her Valentine, while the following ‘White Day’ celebrated exactly a month later on March 14th is the mans opportunity to return the favour with his own gift-giving – preferably white themed. Perhaps you’ll be gifting as the Japanese do this Valentine’s Day?

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