10 Rules of Gift Giving

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  1. Bigger is not always better! There’s no better example of this than the gift of a diamond, of course. But this applies to gifting in every way. A hamper that is restrained in its elegance, for instance, might contain an exquisite champagne and some decadent chocolate treats!


  1. Think outside the box. When gifting, give the present some thought before purchasing the first thing in sight. Perhaps try theming the gift on another culture or on a hobby of the recipient.


  1. The card matters, too! Too little written correspondence is left in this world today. The time of written love notes has been extinct for quite some time, so we must remember to keep what is left of the tradition alive and write a lovely card to the recipient of your beautiful gift. P.S. Spelling counts, too!

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  1. Know when a practical gift is welcomed. Sometimes, we find ourselves yearning for a rather mediocre item that we just can’t reason the money spent in order to buy it. This is when practical gifts make perfect gifts. Underwear, pyjamas and slippers are practical things that, sometimes, a gal just needs to refresh. Don’t be afraid of gifting these.


  1. Thou shalt not ask the recipient what he/she wants. Everyone is guilty of this one. Sometimes, the idea of gifting can simply be unbearable. Too busy, too tired… they’ve all been heard before! Luckily, special gifting companies like The Special Delivery Company exist to take the work out of gifting. We know gifts, let us make the hard yards.


  1. Honour your host and never show up to a dinner party empty-handed. The host has no doubt gone to great efforts to organise the lovely meal you are about to eat, so it always a good idea to thank them with a little gourmet gift.


  1. Give gifts respectfully, and be gifted appreciatively. Be aware of the recipients lifestyle when gifting. Be sure that you are not gifting extravagantly in a situation where extravagance is unnecessary, and be aware of the recipients dietary habits if gifting gourmet. At the other end of the gift-giving cycle, receive any and all gifts with thanks and appreciation. YOU are being celebrated!

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  1. Always, always, always wrap your gift.  Be it a beautiful bow or a marvellous gift box, be sure to spend just as much effort in the gift wrapping department as you have in the gift buying department! This leads into the most important rule of all…


  1. It is the thought that counts. Yes, it is a saying that has been tried and tested throughout the years, and it is undoubtedly the most important rule. When gifting, remember why you are gifting. When giving a gift to a special person, remember that the central message is to make them feel loved, adored, celebrated… the list goes on! With our gift hampers, this rule is on our minds from planning the hamper to executing the hamper, to finally preparing the hamper for delivery. We want your recipient to love your gift just as much as you do!


  1. Don't stress!!  Gifting is a happy time for both the giver and the receiver so enjoy shopping, selecting, wrapping and sending. If this is proving difficult because of time restraints, difficulty deciding or distance, remember a hamper company is your go to best friend!!