Bubbles of Joy

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  • Champagne | Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial
    One of the world's most loved Champagnes 750ml (made in France)
  • Bashful Bunny | Jellycat
    Big bunny in beige made from the softest cuddly fur, size large 36cm (designed in UK)
  • Book | The Magic Bunny 
    Beautiful illustrations hardcover book for little ones.  The Magic Bunny is a wonderful tale of a very special rabbit, who looks out for his friends when everyone is asleep.  By Paddy Comyn & Barry Sheehan
  • Baby Clothes | Marquise 
    Five beautiful pieces of clothing for baby, a modern day layette: spotted jumpsuit in beige and white;  spencer with long sleeve; embroidered singlet with neutral grey bunny;  leggings with feet;  mittens with rib cuffs. All in white 100% soft pure cotton (designed in Australia)
  • Chocolate Macadamia | BonBon Fine Chocolates
    Slow roasted Macadamia nut covered in finest milk chocolate 200g (made in Australia)
  • Nougat | BonBon
    Made in the French style with cherry, cranberry & pistachio 150g (made in Australia)