Oh So Cute

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  • Bashful Bunny | Jellycat

    Beige Bashful Bunny with softest fur and cute pink felt nose size medium 31cm (designed in UK) 

  • Wrap | Alimrose

    Classic pink floral print wrap to swaddle baby in 100% pure cotton  (designed in Australia)

  • Baby Clothes | Marquise

    Four pieces of delightful Marquise baby clothing: embroidered singlet with little pink flower; plain pink singlet with lace trim edges; leggings in pink and white fine stripe with cuff detail made from two way stretch cotton spandex; jumpsuit with pink print with stud front opening 100% cotton (designed in Australia) 

  • Chocolate Macadamia | Bon Bon 

    Fine quality chocolate slow roasted macadamia nuts covered in fine milk chocolate 200g (made in Australia)