Sweet Pear

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  • Bodysuits | Marquise 

    Two bodysuits in neutral colours of white, grey and a touch of yellow. One with little yellow print & one with little grey spot on pure white cotton in 100% cotton (designed in Australia)

  • Bunny | Jellycat
    Cream bashful bunny with the softest cuddly fur and little pink suede nose, small (designed in UK)

  • Hello, World!  | Quote Book

    Hello, World! is a cute inspirational Baby hardcover book, perfect for all new parents. Filled with beautiful quotes and illustrations, it speaks directly to the joys and surprises of new life (designed in Australia)

  • Baby Socks | Marquise

    Little socks for little feet in plain and stripe patterns.  3 pairs.  (designed in Australia)

  • Chocolate Macadamia | Bon Bon
    Fine Chocolate slow roasted nuts covered in fine milk chocolate 200g (Made in Australia)