Winter Wonderland

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    • Champagne | Moet & Chandon 
      Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial, one of the worlds most loved champagnes, piccolo 200ml (Made in France)
    • Elf | 42nd Street 
      A delightful Jester clothed in Red with sequins and ribbons with posable bending body, place this elf on Christmas tree or around the home for a festive Christmas. Size Medium 23cm
    • Candle | L'Ascari 
      French Pear aroma Candle votive handmade with pure soy wax using twisted cotton wicks in beautiful glass jar & packaged in quirky designed gift box, 20-25 hours burn 48g (made in Australia)
    • Tea | Harney & Sons
      White Christmas Tea by Master tea makers Harney & Sons, third generation tea blenders, Green and white buds blended with almonds & soft, nut aromas from almonds, spice from cardamom & sweet creaminess from vanilla, try with a splash of Amaretto for an indulgent treat! Enjoy at Christmas or anytime of the year. Tin contains 20 luxurious pyramid silken sachets (made in USA)
    • Honey | Maya Sunny Honey 
      Honey by Maya Sunny Honey, Raw Bottle Brush honey, smooth & subtle in taste with 100% raw macadamia crunch handcrafted by Andrew Wyszynski and his hard working bees, naturally sweet & preservative free 300g (made in Australia) 
    • Ginger Thins | Larder & Co 
      Ginger Thins biscuit by Larder & Co with good crunch . Made in small batches by hand with all natural ingredients 150g (made in UK)
    • Chocolate Almonds | Bon Bon 
      Gold bag of Dark Almond Clusters chocolates are slow roasted and coated with dark chocolate. 150g (made in Australia)
    • Nougat | Bon bon
      Made in the French style with cherries, cranberries & pistachio 150g (made in Australia)