The Forgetful Man

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  • Johnnie Walker Black Label | Whiskey
    Aged 12 years and one of the worlds most popular premium whiskies. 'Johnnie Black' with mellow aromas and flavours is an iconic spirit and quite magnificent. Smoother, more intense and a genuine pleasure to have in your glass 375mL (made in Scotland)
  • The Forgetful Gentleman book |  Nathan Tan
    A witty book written with humour & a illustrated reference guide instructs on the subtle art of being a contemporary gentleman by incorporating both traditional and modern practices, bringing the classic idea of gentlemanliness forward into the 21st century. This book offers action-oriented guidance on a range of subjects, including advice on managing social networks, choosing the right suit silhouette, fostering the art of conversation, hosting a successful party, mixing a signature cocktail, developing creativity. Gives the necessary encouragement to help any modern man become the best gentleman he can be.
  • Clotted Cream Fudge | Farrah’s
    Tin of  delightful English Fudge 100g (made in UK)