Just Add Cheese

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  • Pate Knife | Jean Dubost
    Laguiole design pate knife with iconic bee on handle by master knife makers since 1920 (made in France)
  • Cheeseboard Trio set | Ogilvie & Co.
    Trio cheeseboard set including ‘Roast Pepper and Chilli Preserve’ 145g, ‘Mixed Olives and Roasted Peppers Antipasto’ 125g, ‘Caramelized onion & Balsamic Relish’ 135g;  Small white china serving spoon (made in Australia)
  • Garlic Nibbles | Ogilvie & Co Fine Food Merchants 
    Garlic nibbles crisp and tasty 50g (made in Australia)
  • Chopping Board
    Acacia wood chopping board made from smooth high quality wood with excellent properties and density