A Moment to Relax

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  • Tea at Fortnum & Mason | Book 
    Beautiful hardcover book covering everything on the art of taking tea.  A charming collection of fascinating anecdotes and stories, here is the history of tea drinking as well as the ceremony with irresistible recipes for all kinds of teatime treats. 126 pages.
  • English Breakfast Tea Tin | Harney & Sons 
    Strong, smooth, full-bodied flavour are the essence of this invigorating tea. A masterpiece of high quality Ceylon and African blended black teas, each sip keeps the mind ready and alert throughout the day. Tin contains 20 luxurious pyramid silken sachets of the finest loose leaf tea (made in USA
  • Ceramic Mug | Rice
    Large ceramic mug with natural organic shape, beautiful glaze, easy to hug and big enough for a good cup of tea. Dishwasher safe (made in Portugal)

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